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Crypto Lab – Secret-Key Encryption (Part 2)

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In the first part , I showed the first two big parts of the crypto lab of the SEED...

5 min read

Crypto Lab – Secret-Key Encryption (Part 1)

Here is the main page of the project: Here is the detail description of the project: Crypto_Encryption/Crypto_Encryption.pdf...

4 min read

SEEDLabs: Clickjacking attack lab (Part 2)

In the previous post, part 1, we successfully did the task 1. In this part, we are going to...

4 min read

SEEDLabs: Clickjacking attack lab (Part 1)

Clickjacking, also known as UI-Redress attack, misleads the victim by overlaying multiple frames and making some frames invisible. Thus...

3 min read

SEEDLabs: Lab Environment Setup

In order to practice all the labs in the SEEDSLabs web site, we need to setup the environment of...

2 min read